Jewish district Kazimierz

The Jewish District in Krakow - Kazimierz
If you are still full of enthusiasm, we will see one more important place, which in distant times was a separate town and it was called Kazimierz. In this town where 2 cultures were worn away: Jewish and Christian. It exerted an incredible influence on climate and life of the people who lived there. There had not been quietly always and not always people agreed with each other. Both cultures wanted to exhibit their religions and life according to their rules. Thanks to that, today, walking through Kazimierz we are entering different world. The magic of Kazimierz affects on everybody. I will show you Jewish and Christian Kazimierz. We will visit synagogues and churches and we will walk through the beautiful streets full of cafés, where the cracowian bohema has moved. We will visit galleries full of antiques and modern art. Kazimierz had also sad moments which happened here during Nazi occupation. Local tenements were the scenery for : “The list of Oscar Schindler” - film by Stephen Spielberg (about life of cracowian Jews during the II World War. They were saved by a German who has founded a factory). We will see authentic places from this film and the factory. I will tell you how it was exactly...

With tracks of the list of Schindler - „The Schindler's List” is a film based on story of eyewitness of those events in cracowian ghetto, Mr Leopold Pfefferberg-Page, who was a boy then. After years he persuaded writer Thomas Kenneally to write down this story and that is how the book “Schindler’s Ark” came into existence. On the basis of this book, world famous director Stephen Spielberg made a film showing events of those tragic days. The film was rewarded with Oscar. Stephan Spielberg came to Cracow and was delighted with places, that has remained unchanged since those days. I will show you places where the film was directed, especially places of the best shots. I will also tell you something about the controversial personage of Oscar Schindler .